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This blog is mainly devoted to the author's CMS (content management system) Morncat for the site. CMS is created on the base of the modern Perl framework Mojolicious.

Certainly here will be paid an attention to useful decisions for web-programming on Perl.

With the help of this CMS, you can create and service the internet blog. I started with the blog (understanding that there are advanced products on the market) to familiarize users (visitors) with new possibilities of web-programming on Perl. Of course, it’s not a secret that Perl lost leading positions a software programming language for the web.

From this point, Mojolicious is a kind of breakthrough that allows Perl to be concurrent with PHP, Python or Ruby.
Because the unrolling of the product is puzzled on shared hosting this aspect will be displayed. I am referring to VPS hosting on comparatively cheap platforms such as Digitalocean or Ramnode.

Thus, every site begins with a name. Which have to be registered by official registrator or company which has an authority as a registrator of domain names. There are a few such companies. I’ll tell you about Namecheap. Look here for details about the registration of the domain name.  

Ivan Kolisnyk